America is NOT the Greatest Country…Anymore!

What a Shame!

What a Shame!

This latest post would be filed in the “Justification” category (as if one was really needed) and is nothing more than further evidence that depicts the varied reasons why many (including me) choose to retire, move and live abroad.

After watching a “trailer” for an upcoming HBO television series, my gut instinct told me not to believe everything I had just heard. This message seemed so totally spot-on accurate and it wasn’t so much that I was sold by this actor’s performance as I was by the presentation of it all.  Afterwards however, I felt the need to verify some of the factual numbers that were presented for my own peace of mind.  Here I will pause and encourage you to watch the 3 minute video (Caution- some strong language) as I think it will move you emotionally as it moved me (especially if you are a born American). Go ahead…I’ll wait!

In this video, I was amazed at the staged sincerity of this actor as he describes how the United States is not the place it once was.  Okay, he was acting, but part of the message was a wake-up call, directed at the many Americans who have no idea about their beloved country, especially the younger generations. Once again, I will hold true to my disclaimer that I still love my country and I always will, I just choose not to live here any longer.

Most of the numbers presented in the video were accurate and can be further corroborated through the links I’ve provided at the end of this post. Some of the numbers can be almost mind numbing if one didn’t know any better.

Education in decline

Education in decline

The United States, as currently ranked against the rest of the world, can be a little depressing:

7th in Literacy 
27th in Math
22nd in Science
50th in Life Expectancy
51st in Infant Mortality 
3rd in Median Household Income (Down 8.2% since President Obama took office)
4th in Labor Force
4th in Exports (#1 in the number of guns exported)

But rest assured we still hold the top spots in some areas as follows:

1st in Number of Deaths by Violence
1st in Incarcerated Citizens per Captia
1st in Number of Adults who Believe Angels are Real
1st in Defense Spending (where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined)
1st in Health Care Costs (yet ranked #38 in health systems)

…and I’m sure if I kept digging, I could find a few more titles that we hold.

We're oh sooo Happy!

We’re oh sooo Happy!

Of the most popular places in the world to be born, the desirability” of the United States has dropped over the years and is now ranked at #16. But not to fear, we are a happy country as our “happiness” rank places us at # 11 and we are ranked #3 in the world among countries that “like ourselves”.  Only the Japanese and the Kenyans like us better than we do. That’s a lot of arrogance – and for what? What is it that we are so admantaly arrogant about?  American arrogance may be precisely the reason that we are not looked upon as we used to be. Could it be because America continues to flaunt itself as being the “best” country in the world with such an “in your face” attitude. Maybe we should begin flaunting our own stupidity?



While I couldn’t find out which country was the most stupid, I did happen to find that we were the 6th “most hated” country in the world behind Japan, both of the Korea’s, China and Israel. And while there was no confirmation about being stupid, we rank right up there as the “most lazy”.

I know one thing for certain – while America will always be #1 in my own heart, I will be living in “most emotional” country in the world. #1! The Philippines.

Ranking America
Sentier Research
CIA World Fact Book


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I first arrived the Western Pacific (Guam) in 1974 and for several years, I lived and traveled across the Pacific region and fell in love with the SE Asian lifestyle. Once bitten by it's culture bug, it never really lets go, and lingers on as a permanent affliction...forever. So henceforth, myself and my Filipina bride of 26 years, have decided that our best antidote is to simply return to the Philippines and take up residence in the Eastern Visayas on Samar Island. Our mission - to step back in time, relax, live....and Discover Samar Island before others do! Please visit my Blog for information that might help or inspire you to find your island in life.
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2 Responses to America is NOT the Greatest Country…Anymore!

  1. UJ says:

    I’ll have to wait until next week, after I get my new speakers/headphones, that is a video that I want to be sure the sound is coming in clearly.
    I already knew the US was declining and it’s not all the governments fault either. Too many people take advantage of the amount of freedom they have. Of course the government does let them get away with it.
    It seems that they follow the US Constitution when it’s something affecting private citizens, but with the government officials and offices, it is lax and even violate the Constitution in some cases, like the Social Security money that was ‘borrowed’.
    I could probably write a book here if I kept going, so I won’t keep going. I too have decided to live abroad, but still love the US. I really hope that someday things will get straight and we can be a proud country again and not a laughing stock, a magnet for trouble and a target for terrorists.

  2. RandyL says:

    John, can’t you buy a cheap set of earphones that plug directly into your computer?

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