I came upon a article today which led me to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and got me to thinking. I remember when I was in the Navy, and upon acceptance of my orders to Guam years ago, I was required to get my military shot card up to date (for all those mysterious Asian tropical diseases) – prior to beginning my travel. Again, some years later when I received orders to the Philippines, more shots were required. Back then, not only were scare tactics used to convince you to get in the shot line….it was required!  Today may be different and I don’t really know for certain.

Get your shots!So I began looking through other blogs and forums, and little (if any) information is found concerning vaccinations. What about Cholera or Dengue Fever? Malaria? Typhoid? Measles in the Philippines…?  Diseases can come and go and areas of high risk develope from time to time.  I began to wonder if I was at a higher risk because of my age. Are you at risk? Is age even a factor? Take the West Nile Virus in parts of the U.S. lately. These days you just never know.

While this post is not intended to alarm anyone, the intent is to advise you that before you begin your travels, maybe you should consult with your doctor to better determine whether you are at risk of, or susceptible to, any communicable diseases. You may learn that you are a candidate for certain immunizations and vaccinations that apply to your chosen destination.

The best place to start is to visit CDC’s website to learn of current and identified disease risks and whether there have been any Travel Notices issued related to where you are going. Here you will find all the information you will need on the topic of Vaccinations.

You may be like me and do not desire to be nobody’s pin cushion, but then again, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry!

You can visit the direct link to the Philippines page of the CDC site HERE. 🙂


About RandyL

I first arrived the Western Pacific (Guam) in 1974 and for several years, I lived and traveled across the Pacific region and fell in love with the SE Asian lifestyle. Once bitten by it's culture bug, it never really lets go, and lingers on as a permanent affliction...forever. So henceforth, myself and my Filipina bride of 26 years, have decided that our best antidote is to simply return to the Philippines and take up residence in the Eastern Visayas on Samar Island. Our mission - to step back in time, relax, live....and Discover Samar Island before others do! Please visit my Blog for information that might help or inspire you to find your island in life.
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8 Responses to Whoa!…Vaccinations?

  1. UJ says:

    Well when we arrived no one asked us for shot records, but before we left we went to the doctor, told him what we were doing and got any shot that ‘could’ be applicable. The #1 shot we got was for Yellow Fever. Those are good for 10 years and our had been out for several years already. No since in taking chances here or anywhere really.

  2. RandyL says:

    John, I was making a reference as to when I was in the Navy when we couldn’t pick up our orders and travel package until we were cleared by medical. As a civilian, there are no rules or requirements that you get shots and nobody checks “shot cards”. It’s entirely up to you.

  3. ddewall says:

    Randy, I had a bunch of vaccinations when I visited the Philippines the first time in January 20__? to meet and marry my asawa. But when we retired to the PH in July 2009, we didn’t get any of the shots. Thankfully, we haven’t had any problems aside from a kidney stone attack I had, which no shot in the world could have helped me with. Good luck on the new site!

  4. RandyL says:

    Thanks Dave. Since I hate needles, and have already had most vaccinations in my lifetime, I will forgo the boosters. The only one I’m not really sure of would be Cholera. I’ve had the shot but don’t know if a booster is required over time. I’ll check with the Dr. prior to leaving. I’m sure you can also get immunizations and vaccinations while there.

  5. RandyL says:

    I just received an email question from a reader whether I had any information about Dengue Fever that was going around in Bohol. I am not even close to being an expert but I do know that it is a mosquito borne virus much the same as the West Nile Virus. The best advice I could ever give is search the internet for further information or talk you your doctor. I have attached a quick LINK that describes Dengue Fever.

  6. RandyL says:

    Here is a link to more information about the spread of Dengue in Bohol and Iloilo.

  7. Gabriella Penick says:

    Flu vaccinations services will be in popular demand these days. Making sure employees possess a convenient approach to receiving these important vaccinations is one of the most crucial factors to increasing employee compliance to be vaccinated up against the flu. A flu vaccination not just helps to keep employees healthy and flu-free, but additionally increases morale when employees see that the organization cares about their and wellbeing. ^

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  8. RandyL says:

    Thanks for visiting Gabriella (I’m guessing you are a nurse?). As we find ourselves in a record Flu season here in the U.S., I still have not gotten a shot. Because I don’t work in an office and am not around many people, I once again can justify my avoiding getting a Flu shot. While it may be a good idea for some people, it’s not for me. Many years ago the Navy required us to take the Swine Flu shot in order to receive our paychecks. They told us it was okay and it wouldn’t make us sick. I was soooo sick for three days (104 fever). Since then, I have always avoided Flu shots, and have never contacted the flu (knocking on wood). I say thanks, but no thanks! (and I’m not afraid of needles!) 😉

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