Discover Calbayog City

Calbayog City is designated a first class city in the province of Samar, Philippines. It is located along the western coastal region in the Calbayog governance district. The district is composed of 157 barangays, 25 of which are urban barangays.

The latest census (2010) indicated Calbayog City with a population of 172,778 (37,395 households). Calbayog City is the third most populated city in the Eastern Visayas and the most populated city on the island of Samar.

Calbayog and Samar are quickly becoming discovered by tourists for its beguiling beauty of  tropical rain forests, magnificant caves, and numerous waterfalls. After all, Calbayog is the City of Waterfalls! Calbayog’s airport and seaport makes getting here rather easy, so get off the beaten path and check out Calbayog City. Consider making it one of your travel destinations in the Philippines.

For complete and official information about Calbayog City including business, tourism, and the local economy, visit the OfficiaWebsite of the City Government of Calbayog


About RandyL

I first arrived the Western Pacific (Guam) in 1974 and for several years, I lived and traveled across the Pacific region and fell in love with the SE Asian lifestyle. Once bitten by it's culture bug, it never really lets go, and lingers on as a permanent affliction...forever. So henceforth, myself and my Filipina bride of 26 years, have decided that our best antidote is to simply return to the Philippines and take up residence in the Eastern Visayas on Samar Island. Our mission - to step back in time, relax, live....and Discover Samar Island before others do! Please visit my Blog for information that might help or inspire you to find your island in life.
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