Please make a NOTE of it!

Please make a NOTE of it!

Well, not to the Philippines just yet. Our website has moved but we haven’t. We have sold the house, a car, Teri’s business, and our entire household goods shipment is on its way. So WHY are we still here?  You will have to visit our new site to find out why.

Make sure you bookmark our new address:


No further updates will be made to this site. But don’t worry, the new site is populated with all the past history and content of the old site, plus so much newer information. Our new platform offers us and all users greater flexibility with better features and more custom content. It will better serve our purposes once we move to paradise. Soon….real soon!

Come Again swinging sign post

Thanks to all our subscribers for reading Retired in Samar. 

Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to the new site. 

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you at the new site! 

2 Responses to WE’VE MOVED!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I love calbayog city. Tha were i was born in samar.

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